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Tailoring - Get It Fitted

Tailoring | Trendy Needle - Rockville, MD

Tailoring is an art that creates well-fitted shirts and suits. Even though men's shirts, pants, and suits are mainly for alterations, At Trendy Needle in Rockville, Maryland, we have the best custom tailor shop in the area.

Here's what we do:

Custom Shirts - Do you need a great custom made shirt for a business meeting or a special event like a wedding? We can do this for you. Our tailoring experts can create the right kind of shirt to fit you perfectly.

Tailored Suits - Tailoring a suit can be a lot of work but we have an eye for all the details. Our experts have been tailoring garments for years and are prepared for any request.

Great Prices - The more alterations, the higher the price. Tailoring can be very expensive, but we make it much more affordable for all clients and offer a varied price range. You won't find another tailoring shop that can give you the quality work we can for the same reasonable prices.

Tailoring can make all the difference in how you look and feel. There is nothing like a well-dressed man. When a suit is altered to fit your body like a glove, that translates into confidence and confidence is sexy. Give us a chance to make you feel good at Trendy Needle.

Customer satisfaction is crucial. We work with you every step of the way and won't stop until the client is happy. All at an affordable price. Call our tailor store see how we can help you look your best!