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Alterations - Highest Quality

Alterations | Trendy Needle - Rockville, MD

Not all of us are conventional sizes. For many people, going to a store to buy a pair of pants or a dress isn't simple. If your body is smaller or larger than the average, you will probably need to have some alterations done. At Trendy Needle in Rockville, Maryland, we can provide all the alterations you need.

Some features that set us apart:

Personalized Service - We listen and pay attention. Many tailoring shops can make you feel like you are just a number, but we make sure you are always comfortable and happy with the work we provide.

Quality Work - We are the best and offer the best. The last thing you need is to go through the hassle of finding a tailoring or alterations shop and get poor craftsmanship. Our employees are experienced and talented and you will only get the best from us.

Fast Lead-Time - We are quick. Many people don’t realize they need alterations until the last minute. That's why we work fast and error free. We want you to have your clothing when you need them.

Great Prices - Affordable and reasonable. No one wants to spend a lot of money getting alterations done. Garments are expensive enough. At Trendy Needle, we don’t want you to skip alterations because of the price.

Alterations can make or break a look. They can play a big role in how long you keep an item in your closet too. At Trendy Needle in Rockville, Maryland, we want you to wear the clothes you love for as long as you can. With our experts ready to help, your alterations will be quick and affordable. Need a prom dress or Indian dress quickly altered? We can handle that too! We will have your prom or Indian dress altered to make you look as fabulous as possible. Turn to us for all your alteration needs!